J2 - LAcon - believe

Jensen makes me drool ~ Graphics

Hi guys! Helloooo. I'm alive. :))

You know about spnland  ? There are very interesting and fun challenges there.
First you gotta fill out a form here, they invite you to join spnland . Then they put you in a team of your choice. Then you gotta join your own team's community. Each Team has a community where challenges are announced, challenges that you may participate and get points. Each point you earn individually adds to your team's total points. Cool. They sent me to Dean (lol, I wish !) Means, I'm in TEAM DEAN !!  \o/ Our community is deanland .

Okay; on to the graphics now;
Some icons and banners, not much. Hope you enjoy them !

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J2 - LAcon - heart

Some icons here to make you smile hopefully


All of my J2-SPN icons so far, since this comm is still kinda new, I gathered all of them in one single post for you to enjoy. ;)
First 12 and last 6 of them are new, the rest is my older ones. Just letting you know. 'Cause you may have seen some of them around maybe.


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Hope you like what you saw. LOL I'd never ever want to fudge your eyes with my work. :D
Take whatever you like, you don't have to credit but please don't hotlink any of them. ;)

Have a great day!

Credits for the pics from Cons;


! Resources !


ckll  - agt_bush  - anastdean  - katysam  - slashgoddess  - mfluder42  - ohbooth  - shadow_of_doubt  - angels_cordy  - angeliccale87  - growyourwings  - justfreefallin  - kynikey  - bittersweet_art  - nyaubaby  -

There must be more but I can't remember now. If you see I use your pics please let me know I'll add your name here. I hate missing credits.


padabee  - discolore  - 77words  - kekoah  - toybirds  - ohfreckle  - boho_beata  - insomniax  - eveningwalk  - girlboheme  -